Invited Speakers 

  • Miki Ebisuya
      Miki EbisuyaReconstitution of developmental mechanisms in cell culture
    • Thierry Emonet
        Thierry EmonetPerformance consequences of non-genetic diversity
      • Andrew Oates
          Andrew OatesPeriod and pattern in the developing embryo
        • Ricard Solé
            Ricard SoléTerraforming the biosphere with synthetic biology
          • Nir Friedman
              Nir FriedmanT cells go public: revealing the organization of T lymphocyte repertoires in health and disease
            • Matthieu Louis
                Matthieu LouisSensory computation underlying Drosophila chemotaxis
              • Marian Walhout
                  Marian WalhoutNutritional Regulatory Networks
                • Marta Cascante
                    Marta CascanteIdentification of the metabolic reprogramming underlying metastatic potential by model-driven multi-omic data analysis unveils new putative drug targets
                  • Chao Tang
                      Chao TangOptimal growth of microbes in the presence of mixed carbon sources
                    • Nikolai Windbichler
                        Nikolai WindbichlerGenetic engineering of insect populations: a novel tool for the area-wide control of disease vectors
                      • Michael Elowitz
                          Michael ElowitzDesign principles of signaling and memory circuits: from the bottom up
                        • Gilles Laurent
                            Gilles LaurentNeural computation: a case for experimental model diversity
                          • Gurol Suel
                              Gurol SuelElectrical signaling in bacterial communities
                            • Patrick Aloy
                                Patrick AloyA network biology approach to novel therapeutic strategies
                              • Galit Lahav
                                  Galit LahavTherapy Guided by Protein Dynamics in Single Cells
                                • Dmitry Ringberg
                                    Dmitry RingbergConcentration invariant odor identity coding
                                  • Susanna Manrubia
                                      Susanna ManrubiaAdaptive strategies of multipartite viruses
                                    • Robin Liechti
                                        Robin LiechtiSourceData: Making Published Data Discoverable
                                      • Aleksandra Walczak
                                          Aleksandra WalczakDiversity of immune repertoires
                                        • Denis Noble
                                            Denis NobleA systems biological approach to Evolutionary Biology using the theory of Biological Relativity
                                          • Nathalie Balaban
                                              Nathalie BalabanSingle cell variability in growth dynamics: causes and consequences
                                            • Philippe Bastiaens
                                                Philippe BastiaensInterdependence
                                              • Pat Mooney
                                                  Pat MooneyBio-hacking the planet
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